Portable Appliance Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is the best way to ensure that your organisation's obligations have been met under the Health and Safety at Work Act so far as electrical safety is concerned and more importantly that your staff, visitors, patients, buildings and possessions are safe.

Norwood Electrical has a long standing history of offering high quality PAT testing at affordable prices. Our long standing team in the office and the field including City and Guilds qualified engineers will carry out the testing at a time and a place to suit your needs.

Testing Details

By delivering a programme of Portable Appliance Testing, we will manage your health and safety requirements in line with the recommended guidelines for frequency of testing. 

Where applicable we can:

  • Visually inspect every appliance, lead and plug for damage, correct use and suitability for its environment
  • Open every plug, check all fuses and replace if required
  • Tighten every terminal and cable clamp
  • Test earth resistance, insulation resistance, polarity and function/load
  • Label every item with a unique code, in conjunction with the asset register
  • Produce a typed asset/equipment register, detailing each item's:
    • Unique ID Number
    • Make, model and serial number
    • Location
    • Date tested
    • Next recommended retest date
    • Condition (Pass/Fail)
  • Record, make safe and report all failed items to the Duty Holder
  • On completion of our portable appliance tests we will produce a PAT report which will list each item that has been tested, its location and the result of each test. During the electrical testing process each item will be given a pass or fail sticker with an ID number for that item.

To make the testing process as smooth as possiable for you, we are happy to work to your schedule and carry out PAT Testing in or out of office hours including weekends.

Frequently Asked Questions Request a Quote

Why do I need to carry it out?

The law simply requires you to take all reasonable precautions to

ensure that appliances are installed and maintained, to prevent

electric shock, burn or fire due to damage, wear or misuse. Regular

inspections and testing can best achieve this. The frequency of testing

should be based on an assessment of the risk, so if you would like help

with this then please call us first.

Who is reponsible?

Everyone at work has their responsibilities including, in certain circumstances, trainees.

However, because of the all-embracing responsibilities of all persons this does not

minimise the duties of particular persons.

Regulation 3 of the Electricity at Work Regulations recognises a responsibility (control)

that employers and many employees have for electrical systems.

“It shall be the duty of every employer and self-employed person to comply with the

provisions of these Regulations in so far as they relate to matters which are within his


What does it involve?
  1. Visual inspection of the flex, the plug, the socket outlet and the appliance for

signs of damage, overheating and general heavy usage etc.

  1. A check of the disconnection from the supply to ensure that it is readily

accessible and that the flexible cords do not present a hazard.

  1. A test of earth continuity (class 1), insulation resistance, earth leakage;

combined with a load test and flash test (where appropriate).

  1. Subsequent issue of a pass label to all items that meet the above criteria.

Items that fail are taken out of immediate service and the client notified.

Will it impact on my workplace?

Our test engineers are fully trained and are experienced in testing a wide variety of sites from Hospitals to Hotels and Corporate Offices to Colleges. Although a small amount of disruption to day to day operations is unavoidable, our management and engineer will work with you to ensure that all testing is carried out in a way that minimises this disruption.

Testing Reports

A PDF version of your PAT report will be available to download at your leisure from the customer area of our website following the completion of testing. To find out more click the link above and login using the username: Sample and Password: Demo

A paper copy of the certificate can be posted to you if preferred. Please contact us for details.

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